Zesterra Liquid

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by Pro Earth Animal Health

Zesterra Liquid is an all natural supplement designed for horses during times of stress, such as hauling, heavy training, foaling or periods of extreme heat or cold.

It is safe for all classes of horses, including lactating mares and foals.

It encourages feed and water consumption safely and naturally by balancing the pH of the stomach. It can be used as a flavor enhancer for horses that reject water from unfamiliar sources when being hauled to new destinations.

Zesterra is being used by professionals throughout the equine industry to help their horses achieve their full potential.

Colloidal silver, corn oil, guar gum, orange extract, onion extract, soybean oil, glycerin, vegetable based fatty acids, natural apple flavoring.


  • 80% – 90% of performance horses suffer from ulcers to some degree.
  • Ulcers are prevalent in foals.
  • Horses with optimal gut health are able to utilize their feed more efficiently.
  • A well-hydrated horse performs at a higher level and recovers faster.


Horses with Active Ulcers or Symptoms
Give 1 ml per 100 lbs of body weight orally in the morning and evening for 14 days.
Then reduce to 1 ml per 100 lbs once a day for 14 days.
Move to a 0.5 ml per 100 lbs daily maintenance thereafter.
When these horses come under stress, use 1 ml per 100 lbs prior to the event (riding, hauling, weather change, environment change).

Older Horses / Hard Keepers
Give 1 m. per 100 lbs orally once a day for 10 days.
Follow with 0.5 ml per 100 lbs daily until desired weight is achieved.
Once desired weight is achieved, give 1 ml per 100 lbs two to three times per week to maintain results.

Ulcer Prone Horses / Horses in Rigorous Training
Follow the same protocol as outlined above for Horses with Active Ulcers.

Respiratory Infections / Shipping Fever
Give 1 ml per 100 lbs orally once a day until symptoms (cough, fever) subside.
If antibiotics are prescribed, a daily dose of 1 ml per 100 lbs should be used for at least 10 days past the last dose of antibiotics.

Environmental Stress
(extreme heat, cold, or disease outbreak)
Give 1 ml per 100 lbs orally prior to changes in weather or when disease outbreak in the area becomes known.

Give 30-50 ml orally at the onset of colic. You may use up to 100 mls. Please contact your veterinarian if colic persists.

All horses should receive 1 ml per 100 lbs orally on the day before leaving and every day while away from home.